Marvin's Sauce™ is a Southern spicy relish made from a secret recipe developed in the 1970s by Mr. F.M. Tiller in Centre, Alabama. Marvin's Relish™ is the mild version of Marvin's Sauce™. Effie Mae's Mop™ is a Southern grilling meat mop, also with a 40+ year history, created by Mr. Tiller's wife Mrs. Effie Mae Tiller.

Marvin's Sauce™ is a one-of-a-kind crunchy, spicy relish accompanied by a slight sweet flavor. If you have 1-2 spoonfuls of it, it tastes..."warm" (and may make you break a slight sweat!).

Lots of folks say: 'Oh, it's a chow-chow/mustard slaw/chutney/take your pick'. Marvin's Sauce™ is NOT a chow-chow, a mustard slaw, a chutney, or like anything else you've seen or tried. Though the consistency, look, and uses are the same or similar, Marvin's Sauce™ uniquely stands alone.

Marvin's Sauce™ goes most excellently on any kind of hot dogs, brats, hamburgers, barbecue, black-eyed peas, scrambled eggs, beans, potato/tortilla chips, etc. New uses for it are found by almost everyone that buys a jar. We've known people to eat it on saltine crackers and between two slices of loaf bread as a sandwich (!) - Marvin's Sauce™ is good, versatile stuff.

If hot sauces or relishes aren't your thing, then Marvin's Relish™ will tickle your tastebuds without heating them up! Marvin's Relish™ has all the taste, flavor, and crunch of Marvin's Sauce™ while leaving the spiciness behind. This mild version is perfect for little kids or older folks. It has all the same uses as Marvin's Sauce™ so that no one gets left out of eating good!

Effie Mae's Mop™ is a tangy, lemony sauce that is meant to be mopped directly onto grilling meat a few minutes before it's "done". As the heat bonds it with your meat of choice - we suggest chicken, ribs, or wings - it adds a unique, delectable flavor superior to old fashioned, run-of-the-mill barbecue sauce...and don't let our suggestion limit you - Effie Mae's Mop™ most definitely keeps good company with ANY kind of meat you want to put it on!

Whatever you decide to try them on, we're sure that you will enjoy these tastes invented over 40 years ago in a small Southern town. Pick up a jar or two of the Flavor The South Relishes™ today and see why everyone who tries them doesn't just like them...they fall in love with them!