Centre, Alabama is the birthplace of the F.M. Tiller Band™. Centre (population 3,587) has served as the county seat of Cherokee County, Alabama since 1844.

Sweet Home
Centre and Cherokee County sit in the center of a big city radius that includes Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. But despite being in the middle of all that action, Centre has retained the classic Southern small town life: Centre didn't go "wet" until 2011 and there's STILL a race every fall to produce the first bale of cotton.

The Influence
Centre's Southern summers lead to a favorite activity - barbecueing. Whether in fancy brick pits or in cut-in-half 55-gallon steel drums, Cherokee Countians love their slow-cooked meat in the summertime. As in many places in the South, barbecueing expertise leads to innovations to enhance the flavor of the meats and the sides with which it is served.

It was in this vein that Marvin's Sauce™ and Effie Mae's Mop™ came to be. Though an expert pitmaster already, F.M. Tiller's curiosity on how to make his summer foods taste even better led him to develop Marvin's Sauce™. Knowing what he liked to eat on his grilled food and what other people in the county liked enabled him to put together a relish that nobody seemed able to turn away...they still can't. While at the pit, he would yell towards the house, "Effie Mae...I need you to make me some mop!"...Effie Mae Tiller's mopping sauce would become a staple of Tiller barbecue.

Though Mr. & Mrs. Tiller passed away a while ago, their memory lives on in Centre and Cherokee County. Although they are known for many things there, folks in Cherokee County know them first for his hot sauce/relish and for her barbecue mop - both with a unique taste and Southern flavor. It is the down home environment of Cherokee County, Alabama that helped make Marvin's Sauce™, Effie Mae's Mop™, Marvin's Relish™, and the F.M. Tiller Band™ what they are - the Flavor The South Relishes™.