The F.M. Tiller Brand™ of food-enhancing condiments endeavors to excite and please palates all over the world with down home Southern goodness.

We at Smokehouse Foods are devoted to bringing you one-of-a-kind tastes, developed over decades, that are of the highest quality and flavor - still produced by hand in small batches by an actual (FDA- and ServSafe®-certified) descendant of our cherished namesake food innovators.

We believe in tailgating, church picnics, barbecues, family reunions, cookouts, spring/summer/fall street festivals...and eating good at all of them.

We relish memories of sitting under a tree shucking and silking corn, shelling peas, and breaking beans so that we can enjoy bushels of the summer/fall harvest during the winter. We are thankful for the sound of crickets and the mouth-watering aroma of barbecue during humid summer nights.

We believe that feeding people is an act of love. Full bellies lay foundations for full hearts. Therefore you should craft your food with care.

We believe the South is the greatest place to live on God's green Earth. The South blessed the world with George Washington and Dr. King... jazz, soul, rock & roll, and country music... "co-colas", Tennessee whiskey, and sweet tea...championship college football...a sense of family, community, and history...and the best food you will ever put in your mouth.

It most definitely isn't perfect...Mr. & Mrs. Tiller weren't perfect either...and yet we still love and revere them. Most importantly, the South is our home. We are immensely proud of it. And in our hospitable fashion, we are pleased as punch to share a tasty little part of it with you and yours.

We aim to provide you with a little taste of our Down South home with every bite of our products. Crafted with care for over four decades, we hope they tickle your food fancy...and make you come back for more. Y'all come!